British artist Bob and Roberta Smith teams up with Ghanaian coffin sculptor Paa Joe

As part of Collaboration Culture, a new seven-part BBC World News series, British artist Bob and Roberta Smith will join forces with coffin sculptor Paa Joe to create a piece of art that unites their cultures and love of raw materials and alternative style.

Bob and Roberta Smith, real name Patrick Brill, is famed for his authority- and orthodoxy-challenging hand-painted signs. Paa Joe is a renowned Ghanaian coffin sculptor whose flamboyant coffin creations have been exhibited all over the world, and have also appeared in the pages of Funeral Service Times.

In the episode, Bob and Roberta Smith and Paa Joe meet in Ghana’s capital city Accra and go on a journey to find inspiration for their collaborative masterpiece. Each artist’s love of timber, paint and scale is expressed throughout the programme, which culminates in a grand reveal at a special burial ceremony.

Image: (L-R) Bob and Roberta Smith and Paa Joe.

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