Faster Pastor beats world record

On 13 March ‘the Faster Pastor’ Paul Sinclair set a new world record for the fastest motorcycle hearse, on a Suzuki Hayabusa hearse.

The goal was to put a regularly used stock hearse on track to test its high speed stability, and during practice a new world record was set. A motor-tricycle with a concertina rear to hold coffins had previously clocked 114.1mph over two miles, while Paul’s Hayabusa motorcycle hit 115.2mph in one mile, followed by 117.6mph over two miles.

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Straightliners ensured the tests were correctly scrutinised and tested to FIM standards, while Colin Liddell DipFD FICF served as an independent witness from the funeral profession. Straightliner’s proofs of the new world record for the fastest motorcycle hearse are currently going through the Guinness system.

Originally setting the first world record on his Triumph Speed Triple hearse at the Bulldog Bash in 2002, Paul then beat this record with Fast Bikes magazine at Bruntingthorpe on his first Suzuki Hayabusa hearse in 2004. Both were on straight quarter miles. This most recent world record is in a new category over two miles at Elvington near York.

Image courtesy of Colin Liddell

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