Funeral Plans

Scottish government announces new funeral guidance

The Scottish government has announced from tomorrow (15 July) there will be a maximum cap of 20 on funeral service attendance, with physical distancing. 

This means that funeral services are no longer limited to just ‘close family’. This new guidance applies only to funeral services, other gatherings, such as wakes, are still subject to the rules which apply to all other indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Those attending funeral services will continue to be subject to physical distancing measures, including staying two-metres apart from other household groups. 

Therefore, depending on a venue’s capacity, this may mean that the total number of people able to attend a funeral service will be less than 20 people.

According to The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), The First Minister also announced a restriction on singing and chanting, due to the increased risk of transmission of the virus. 

It is therefore advised that recordings of music are used as an alternative at funeral services. More information will be provided in guidance.

Also from 15 July 2020, crematoriums will be permitted to open to members of the public. 

Which enables cremation authorities to open for all services in addition to funeral services, for example, to view the book of remembrance or for ashes to be collected by individuals.

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