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Direct cremation set to double in the next five years

The number of people in the UK taking up the option of direct cremation is set to double in the next five years according to a later life planning company.

Over50choices says that one in five UK people will opt for direct cremation over a traditional funeral in the next five years.

The direct cremation of David Bowie and Anita Brookner have raised awareness of the option according to the planning company.

Ashley Shepherd, MD of Over50choices, said: “Families are turning to direct cremation for a number of reasons, embracing the idea of separating the cremation process from the ceremony, leaving them free to say goodbye in a way that suits them, be it a drink down the local pub or a perhaps a family gathering when scattering the ashes.

“And with UK funeral costs currently averaging £4,078 it’s not surprising to see why they are increasing in popularity. In fact, in the US, direct cremations accounted for 37 percent of all cremations in 2016.”

He added: “Whatever the reason, the demand for direct cremation is growing and accounting for one in 10 cremations in the UK. The death of rock star David Bowie and writer Anita Brookner in 2016, highlighted this as an option and over the last few years we have seen a noticeable amount of interest in prepaid direct cremation plans.

“Figures showed that in 2017, 10 percent of cremation funerals held did not include a ceremony or service. We expect that by 2023, 20 percent of all cremations will be direct cremations.”

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