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Over 50s most want their children or Stephen Fry to read their eulogy

In a recent survey of over 50s, commissioned by funeral plan provider Ecclesiastical Planning Services, found that more respondents would like their son, daughter or academic and TV presenter Stephen Fry to read a eulogy at their funeral service.

The research conducted by OnePoll asked 1000 men and women, aged 50 and above, who they would like to read their eulogy if ‘anything were possible’. A large proportion of respondents also answered that they’d like to have a close friend read their eulogy.

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Of the celebrity eulogisers named, David Attenborough came second to Stephen Fry in popularity. Comedian Rowan Atkinson and the character Patsy from the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous were also favoured choices.

While the question was limitless in the criteria, the fact that the vast majority of respondents chose someone close to them, for example a friend or family member, suggested that sentimentality at their own funeral service is extremely important to a large portion of people.

Emma Simpson, marketing manager at Ecclesiastical Planning Services, said: “It is very heart-warming to see that such a large proportion of people who responded to our survey would choose a loved one to read something at their service.

“We have always advocated that a funeral service is a very personal occasion and we believe there is no better or more personal way to purchase a funeral plan than through your local funeral director. This way, you can sit down with a professional and benefit from their industry knowledge and expertise when making your preferred arrangements.”

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