The funeral ‘Oscars’ return for 2017

The Good Funeral Awards have returned for 2017. Now back for the sixth year, the ceremony recognises ‘outstanding service to the bereaved’. The awards lunch will take place in the Porchester Hall in London on Thursday 7 September.

There are five new categories for this year’s funeral ‘Oscars’ reflecting the changes within the business. There is a new ‘What to do with the Ashes’ award to highlight the great number of options available now to family members to memorialise their loved ones’ cremains.

An ‘End-of-life Doula of the Year Award’ celebrates the work of the individuals (sometimes called ‘soul midwives’) who help to make the dying, and their families, feel safe and supported, as the person makes the transition from this life.

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The ‘Embalmer of the Year’ award has been replaced with the ‘Care of the Deceased Award’ which is open to anyone in a back room role in the care for the body.

A new category of ‘Best Direct Cremation Provider’ has also been added, along with a category for: ‘Most Promising Trainee Funeral Director’.

There are twenty other awards, including the extremely popular ‘Gravedigger of the Year’.

The winners are given an Anubis statue – the Egyptian god of embalming, presented in a miniature cardboard coffin. The judges select the winners based on nominations from members of the public and people working within the industry. They are designed to recognise unsung heroes. The host this year will be author, Guy Browning.

“The Good Funeral Awards have become the highlight of the year for the people in funeral world, and nominations are already pouring in. 

“It is a privilege to read some of the stories that accompany nominations, tales of kindness, generosity and humanity that illustrate what a huge impact these people have had on bereaved families at the hardest time of their lives.

“The funeral industry is rarely portrayed well by the media, but the Good Funeral Awards show just how much good goes on behind the closed doors of the undertaker’s parlour,” said Fran Hall, CEO of the Good Funeral Guide.

The lunch draws people together people from all parts of the funeral industry. There will be an exhibition accompanying the event.

For more information go to or call 07545 232980.

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