FD to give students road safety lesson

An undertaker and embalmer from Mayo in the Republic of Ireland is set to deliver a talk on road safety to students from the local area.

David McGowan of David McGowan Funeral Directors will give his talk at the forthcoming AXA/Mayo Safety Roadshow. The Mayo Today publication reports that more than 1,500 students will be in attendance at the event, which aims to deliver a “vital message” to young road users.

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Mr McGowan will wear his undertaker’s uniform during his talk, which he says won’t be used to frighten students “with talk of funerals”. Instead, he will concentrate on getting the road safety message across and offer ways in which students can keep themselves safe.

“We are all concerned about local students and their safety as they use our roads,” Mr McGowan remarked.

“In our work, we do not like to deal with children. It is very upsetting and, although we try our best for the parents, it’s something we would rather didn’t happen.

“But, unfortunately, there are occasions we have to face these things. It takes a lot of resolve by the staff.

“We want to reduce accidents in any way we can.

“Being a local business, we like to get involved in any community initiatives and look for ways we can integrate with the community. It is a small thing but it might make the difference of life and death.

“I don’t go too deeply into things, or the consequences of road accidents, because there are young students here. I don’t want to frighten them with talk of funerals and but it is something we have to deal with every day. I will, however, emphasise the importance of being on their guard when using our roads.”

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