British Institute of Funeral Directors launches new training courses

In its 30th anniversary year, the British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD) has decided to launch a programme of courses and professional qualifications.

Announced at its annual conference, the programme includes the following courses:

Introduction to Funeral Service – open to anyone outside of the profession who wishes to gain an insight into the running of a funeral home and the role of the funeral director.

Certificate in Funeral Service – offered to those who already work in the profession and want to improve their understanding of the business and receive formal training in the basic aspects of funeral service.

Diploma in Funeral Service – a more extensive course for graduates of the Certificate in Funeral Service.

Outgoing BIFD president Clive Kirk said: “The launch of our new courses and professional qualifications programme reaffirms our commitment to the education of funeral directors. This work is essential to maintaining high standards of services for the bereaved and the professional development of those working in this sector.”

David Grainger, BIFD committee chairman, believes this is a great way to branch out and appeal to a wider field of people interested in the business. He said: “Historically, the skills of a funeral director would have been passed from one generation to another within a company, but many people are coming into funeral service from other professional backgrounds and with different degrees of understanding and experience.

“Our committee members have been generous with their time, experience and knowledge to shape this new course programme. We wanted to provide a course and qualification programme for newcomers to our profession, as well as those already practising in funeral service who want to formalise and improve what they know and do,” he added.

Information about BIFD education is available at or from the BIFD national office on 0800 032 2733.

Image: (L-R) BIFD tutors Derek Case and David Parslow with Education Committee Chairman David Grainger at the annual conference education stand.

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