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IAFD advises victims of Covid-19 to be put to rest immediately, without funeral service

People who die from coronavirus should be buried or cremated immediately without a funeral service, according to recommendations made by The Irish Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD).

The Irish Independent reported that the group has issued a list of radical recommendations in the event of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 related diseases.

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The IAFD is advising that all victims of the disease are laid to rest “straight away”, and funeral services postponed until a later date, in a bid to tackle the spread of the virus. 

The group also advises that transport for families of the deceased, should “not be provided”, and the funeral instructions should only be given to undertakers via the phone.

It also said, relatives of the deceased “should not be permitted to attend funeral directors or funeral homes” as well as stopping public gatherings such as church services.

The group said, the deceased “should always be removed from the place of death in a body bag which is not reopened” and “removal vehicles should be hygienically cleaned after the removal of remains and all gloves and other disposable equipment should be disposed of safely.” 

“The deceased should be removed to a designated area within the funeral directors’ facilities (or those of an outsourced provider) – eg, an isolated cold room” and “the deceased should not be embalmed” but should instead “be placed in the selected coffin and the coffin closed”.

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