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Monumental Mason supports restoration work

Martin Watts of Ian Watts & Son Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons, recently assisted Mathern Community Council with the restoration of the St. Tewdric’s Well plaques.

The plaques, displayed at the site of the Well, in Mathern, South Wales, detail the history of King Tewdric, whose wounds were washed in the Well after a battle near Tintern about 470 A.D., against the Saxons.

Martin Watts said: “We wanted to provide this as a gift to the Community Council. The people of Mathern take a great pride in the upkeep of their village and the Well is steeped in fascinating ancient history.”

Mathern Community Council’s Chairperson Cllr. Ovenden commented: “On behalf of Mathern Community Council we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Ian Watts & Son for doing this for us. The plaques have been beautifully restored. The Well is a significant historic landmark near to St. Tewdric’s Church.”


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