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Funeral directors fund sound system for local church

Lyndsay and Nicki Ellis of The Vale Funeral Service have donated a sound system costing just under £2000 to All Saints Church in Barry.

The donation came about when Lyndsay had to provide a sound system when conducting a funeral at All Saints Church. Father Kevin Lake, the team vicar, mentioned that the Church would like a new sound system but it would cost around £2000.

Lyndsay offered to help and, thanks to John Lewis of JPL Sound, the new system has certainly made a difference. Father Kevin explains: “The system has transformed not just the liturgy and music within our church services, but also enhances the sound for the concerts, both classical, choral and solo.”

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Lyndsay and Nicki have also funded and donated funeral cones to allow cortege vehicles to park more easily outside the church. Lyndsay adds: “Parking is sometimes an issue and these cones, placed out early in the morning on the day of the service, will hopefully solve this issue.”

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