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Dignity launches national direct cremation service

Dignity plc has launched Simplicity Cremations, a UK-wide national direct cremation service.

Simplicity Cremations aims to provide simple, low cost unattended cremations priced at £1,495. To ensure the service is widely available, slots will be made available at Dignity’s 44 crematoria to all other funeral directors wishing to provide direct cremation.

The cost of these slots will be £499 and will be offered on a first come first served basis to all funeral directors including Simplicity Cremations.

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Simon Cox, Head of Insight and External Affairs at Dignity, said, “Dignity Funeral Directors provide a premium offering and operate to the highest standards in the industry, which means we haven’t historically targeted the low cost market. The launch is in response to industry and consumer calls for alternative and lower cost funeral offerings.

“We know that a direct cremation isn’t for everyone. A funeral service is an important part of the grieving process and can help families achieve closure. But consumers are now demanding more choice when arranging a funeral.

“With our national coverage of funeral homes and 44 crematoria we are in a unique position to provide bereaved families with a low cost alternative that will be carried out to a high standard and the level of care and respect that Dignity’s customers can expect.”

John Troyer from The Centre for Death and Society at University of Bath said “Based on my research on the history of final disposal methods in the United States, direct cremation is something that many individuals choose when making end-of-life decisions about what should be done with their body. As in the US, I would expect to see interest in direct cremation continue to grow.”

The Simplicity Cremations service will cost £1,495 and offers relatives or friends of the deceased:

–        A national solution offered right across the UK, and at the same cost of £1,495 in all geographical areas

–        Telephone access to the service 24/7, 365 days a year

–        Bereavement telephone and counselling service 24/7

–        Transport for the deceased into a Dignity owned funeral premise from a home, care home, hospice or hospital during business hours

–        Face to face support to complete all paperwork required to allow the cremation to legally proceed

–        Respectful care of the deceased in Dignity’s professional mortuaries

–        Facilitation of all the necessary arrangements

–        A specialist funeral vehicle to take the deceased directly to the crematorium

–        Provision of a basic coffin suitable for cremation

–        Coffin bearers to take the coffin into the crematorium

–        An unattended cremation, at a time and date of our choosing

–        The return of the ashes to the family or scattering in the crematoria memorial gardens

Simplicity Cremations will have its own staff, vehicles, premises and mortuaries to ensure support for consumers and proper care of the deceased. For more information go to or call 0800 484 0260.


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