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Greenfield Creations coffin star of Corrie funeral

Greenfield Creations has seen a peak in website activity following the appearance of its coffin on ITV soap opera, Coronation Street.

The coffin manufacturer, which designs bespoke cardboard, wicker and wooden coffins, saw 20,000 hits to its website within 48 hours, after one of its coffins was used at the funeral of beloved character Hayley Cropper, who was ‘killed off’ after being diagnosed with cancer.

The company’s ‘Garden’ coffin, which was originally designed 10 years ago by founding member Jacky Hunneybel, housed Hayley as 20 million viewers tuned in to watch the funeral. Current owner, Will Hunnybel submitted three favoured designs for the producers to choose from for use in the scene.

The company was approached by the Coronation Street design team, though had to wait months before being told which programme the product would be used for.

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