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Ashes seized from funeral home amid fraud allegations

Human ashes have been seized by Greater Manchester police after it raided a funeral home following a fraud investigation.

The investigation was triggered after members of the public made complaints to the council.  Greater Manchester Police said: “We are working closely with Tameside council in relation to this matter.”

Murray’s Funeral Directors on Cheetham Hill Road in Dunkinfield also had documents seized from the property. 

A spokesman from Tameside council said: “The police have now conducted a search of the property and have seized documents and property relating to the business which has now been handed over to us to enable the fraud investigation to continue.”

“The ashes found at the property have also been handed over by the police to Tameside council who have placed them in secure storage at Dunkinfield Crematorium.” 

There was no suggestion about who is suspected of fraud or what the fraud was.

Written by Alexandra Holt

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