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Children treated to day out by local FDs

Bereaved and ill children got a special treat thanks to an Essex funeral director, which showed them and their families some VIP treatment on 15 December.

Daniel Robinson & Sons collected the children from their homes in limousines and took them to the Latton Bush Centre in Harlow. They were entertained before forming a convoy for a special trip around town.

The convoy saw a lot of support from local on-lookers, who waved, clapped and cheered as the convoy was escorted by six Essex police outriders.

The children were then treated to lunch and more entertainment, before going to enjoy the matinee performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Spokesman Phil Barrow said: “The whole day was fabulous, and about having fun. Seeing these special children enjoying themselves with their family was so humbling.

“We would like to thank the police, fire brigade and Magpie Catering, and everyone involved with this year’s trip for their support. But above all, we thank these wonderful children for making our Christmas so special as well.”

After the pantomime, the children were again collected in the limousines from the Playhouse, and returned home for a well-earned rest.

This festive gift follows another recent act by the funeral director, which joined together with Holmes & Hills and Halstead Rotary Club to provide a special trip for underprivileged children.

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