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Priest shocks mourners with crime-filled eulogy

A priest in Staffordshire surprised some mourners in a eulogy that detailed a football hooligan’s life of crime.

Martin Wilson and friend James Morgan were killed after losing control of their car and ploughing into a garden on 18 November.

Hundreds of friends and family attended the funeral of the Stoke City FC supporter – and, although some mourners were surprised to hear the stories of crime, others were familiar with the stories.

In a 30-minute eulogy, humanist Ms Lear explained how Martin left a “trail of destruction in his wake and more than a few bloodied noses.”

She also told the congregation how Martin, nicknamed ‘Wils’, had his “fifteen minutes of fame” when he ran onto a football pitch and punched the goalkeeper – an incident caught on camera. Martin was jailed for five months in 2005 for assaulting Queen’s Park Rangers goalkeeper Simon Royce.

Detailing his life inside prison – “his second home” – Ms Lear told the congregation how Martin spread mayhem amongst friends. “Wils was the most loyal and supportive bloke you could ever want to meet – unless you crossed him, that is.”

His incident with the goalkeeper featured on a football DVD hosted by Paddy McGuiness, which showed the full incident.

One commenter on his Facebook tribute page said: “I for one was a wreck that day and her bringing them things up brought a smile to my face cuz [sic] those things were who Mart really was.

“You couldn’t talk about his life without bringing up violence, crimes and prison, but with that said he was still one of the most respected ppl [sic] wherever he went.”

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