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Association of Independent Celebrants elects new president

The Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC) has elected a new president of the organisation at its annual general meeting.

Philip Spicksley has been a member of the AOIC since the very early days of its existence in 2007, and he is the first president to have been appointed who has hailed from further north than the Midlands.

In 30 years with the Humberside Police force working in the Major Incident Team, and having attended many murder victims’ services, he witnessed a change in funerals and their emphasis, as they moved from religious, traditional ceremonies to celebrations of life. This gave the former police officer’s life a new direction upon retiring.

“Retiring I focused on becoming a celebrant by working with Irene Kapanska, one of the leading celebrants in Hull. As an independent celebrant I work across the north Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and north Nottinghamshire areas,” he said.

Phillip sees his appointment as a chance to reaffirm the principles of the organisation in a period when attitudes are still changing. He commented: “The Association has gone through a number of changes in recent years. My aims and objectives are to put direction to the AOIC, with positive management, regular meetings and away days for our members.

“I want to see the Association grow to being the one group to whom the authorities and funeral directors turn when they seek reassurance and quality. And I want to see more interest placed out across the country.

“The Association has a great future with lots of new work being developed for the industry in general,” he added.

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