SAIF welcomes new funeral guidance

The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) has welcomed clarification from the government that funerals can be attended by up to 30 people in places of worship in England.

The new rule states that funerals should have no more than 30 people in attendance. Attendance should also be within the capacity limits of the premises so that social distancing can be strictly adhered to. In some cases that may be less than 30 people. 

The guidance also covers premises when being used for religious gatherings, even when their primary purpose is not for religious gatherings, such as a community centre. 

These premises will only be able to be used where they are permitted to be open and additional guidance may be applicable.

SAIF said: “It is important to be aware of local rules set by each venue and that there are likely to be restrictions for activities like singing, which may carry the risk of projecting potentially virus-carrying aerosols further than normal speech.”

Further information about this is available here

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