Mourners urged to observe social distancing measures as funeral rules ease in Bradford

Mourners are being urged to ensure they continue to follow social distancing guidelines as new rules for funerals in Bradford have been introduced from today (8 June).

From today (8 June) up to 20 mourners are able to attend a funeral in the district, either at a crematorium or graveside, but 10 people are allowed into the crematorium building, with 10 outside.

Services are available to be listened to outside the building.

The council announced the plans last week after originally imposing the prohibitions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19) between mourners, funeral directors and crematorium staff.

The council said funeral attendees must also keep two meters apart from people from separate households.

Bradford Council said the regulations are designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus and keep mourners, funeral directors and crematoria staff safe.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s executive member for healthy people and places, said: “We know it is difficult in a highly emotional situation like a funeral to keep your distance from those sharing your grief, but it is vital for everyone’s safety.

“It is important people follow the guidance to keep themselves and everyone else from contracting this deadly virus. It’s very sad that our loved ones can’t be given the farewell they deserve but protecting the living must remain the top priority until the emergency is over.”

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