Co-op Funeral Directors creates new Covid-19 video guide

A team of Central England Co-op senior funeral directors have created a series of films to explain to families how caring for their loved ones has changed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The videos cover a range of topics from planning a funeral to the service itself and aim to help people understand how funerals are carried out after restrictions were put in place by the government.

Central England Co-op has over 130 funeral homes across 16 counties and these films feature three of its funeral directors Andy Eeley, Jo Mills and Aiden Phillips.

The four films are each based on a different topic: Arranging a funeral, attending a funeral, arranging a memorial and funeral plans.

The arranging a funeral film explains a range of topics including how funerals are now planned on the phone or via email to the local restrictions that might be in place at certain venues.

The attending a funeral film goes into detail about government guidelines for funeral attendance and also how the funeralcare provider will work with families to organise services of remembrance following the pandemic to honour their loved ones.

A fourth film looks at arranging a memorial and how people can plan ahead to remember their loved ones with others once the restrictions introduced as a result of the coronavirus are lifted.

Eeley said: “We are privileged to care for families at their most difficult time and this is why we have produced some short films to show some of the changes we have had to put in place to ensure our families and colleagues are safe.

“We want to make it easier for people to arrange funerals and let families know our colleagues are available to support and guide them through the changes. These are circumstances that none of us could have imagined, but it continues to be our privilege to support families at this most difficult time.”

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