Tech playing big part in funerals amid Covid-19 pandmic, says Full Circle Funerals

Funerals have been severely disrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is still possible to create a personal and meaningful service, and some families are even seeing some silver linings, despite the temporary restrictions, according to Full Circle Funerals.

Across Leeds and Bradford, only funeral directors and ministers or celebrants are permitted to enter crematorium buildings, although up to 10 people can attend outside. 

However, forward thinking funeral directors who are using the latest technology are ensuring that funerals can still play a vital role in the grieving process. Crucially, in many cases it is also still possible to spend time with the person who has died before the funeral.

Full Circle Funerals’ founder, Sarah Jones said: “We’re now helping to organise online ceremonies, using video conferencing software, which has been very successful. 

“Friends and family can also provide messages, drawings, flowers from their garden, or even personal items to go on or in the coffin, which can all play a profound and significant part in the grieving process. It also helps people deal with the fact that they are not able to carry the coffin for the person who has died, which many people have struggled with.”

She added: “Some people who we are currently providing our funeral services to are also planning to hold memorials in the future, once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, and making plans to scatter ashes, visit a favourite location or hold a get together and celebrate the life of their loved one.”

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