Over 100,000 extra people grieving in isolation amid Covid-19 pandemic, study suggests

Over 100,000 people are grieving in isolation as a result of the Covid019 pandemic, according to bereavement charity Cruse Bereavement Care (CBC).

The study reported for every person that dies, six people are suffering intense grief resulting in at least 108,000 people who are currently grieving as a result of the coronavirus.

The charity revealed, on average 50 people attend a funeral, and with funerals currently unable to go ahead as planned, resulting in roughly 900,000 people who have been unable to attend funerals, or hold a funeral in the way they would have wanted.

The charity attributes the coronavirus to the rise in people grieving in isolation saying current social distancing rules and restrictions around funerals means that many of those left behind are grieving in isolation, alone, unable to seek much needed comfort from friends and family, also, many will have been unable to say goodbye or attend the funeral.

Cruse Bereavement Care clinical director, Andy Langford, said: “Grieving is a normal part of life, and even during periods of global stability can be massively distressing. Unfortunately, the death toll we are currently experiencing, whilst hugely tragic in itself, means that hundreds of thousands of people are going to be left grieving in isolation.

“Some of the things that would be considered ‘normal’ in terms of coping with grief, such as attending a funeral and spending time with friends and family have not been possible. This will only serve to compound grief.

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