Westerleigh Group supports Baby Loss Awareness Week

Westerleigh Group has marked Baby Loss Awareness Week through the use of dedicated memorial gardens for babies as well as illuminating a chapel in blue and pink lights.

The first Baby Loss Awareness Day took place on 15 October 2002, and today is marked by a whole week of events that involves a wide range of UK charities. 

This year, the week ran between 9 October and 15 October. It aims to raise awareness about pregnancy loss and baby loss, as well as drive improvements in care and support for those affected by it, and to support bereaved parents and families.

To mark the week, a number of Westerleigh Group’s crematoria organised activities that demonstrated their commitment to supporting those in its local communities who have experienced pregnancy loss or baby loss.

For example, West Berkshire Crematorium, in partnership with Royal Berkshire Hospital, opened a new Baby Garden within its grounds and also donated £3,000 in total to three local charities who support bereaved families. The money was raised through the crematorium’s metal recycling scheme.

Meanwhile, West Lancashire Cemetery and Crematorium marked Baby Loss Awareness Week by announcing it planned to create a Baby and Infant Memorial Garden in its grounds.

Vale Royal Crematorium in Cheshire illuminated its chapel building in pink and blue lights, reflecting the colours of ribbons and pins sold to raise money for the many charities associated with Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Meanwhile, Gedling Crematorium in Nottinghamshire bought pink and blue pins to wear in chapel and lit 21 candles to mark the 21 stillborn/baby and non-viable foetus cremations the site conducted this year.

Parndon Wood Cemetery and Crematorium in Essex hosted a special Baby Loss Tribute Service on 9 October in its chapel building. This event was also streamed live and donations in aid of SANDS, the national Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, were encouraged.

Similarly, Westerleigh Crematorium has donated £3,000 to SANDS from its metal recycling scheme in recognition of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Roger Mclaughlan, CEO of Westerleigh Group, said: “The loss of any loved one is a difficult and distressing time for those they leave behind, but the loss of babies can be particularly heart-breaking and traumatic for everyone involved.

“Baby Loss Awareness Week gave us the chance to show our support for these families and also get behind the work of all the charities and organisations involved. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care for families who use our facilities and on making positive contributions to our local communities, and our support for Baby Loss Awareness Week is another example of that commitment.”

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