Eastbourne directors use art therapy to help bereaved during Covid-19

An Eastbourne funeral directors combined art classes with bereavement support to help those who have lost loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Funeral Arranger Michelle Kinneavy based at Payne and Sons Funeral Directors in Hampden Park and Civil Celebrant Danielle Steele have hosted three classes at the funeral home to bring together those who have lost loved ones and experienced loneliness during lockdown restrictions.

The sessions came after Kinneavy discovered Steele, who is not only a Civil Celebrant but a talented artist who had provided art classes for older people at residential care homes.

The pair set up Payne and sons’ arranging and foyer area after work with tables and art supplies and invited four attendees per session to ensure safe social distancing is maintained.

Kinneavy said: “Painting and drawing brings a therapeutic sense of calmness that can benefit everyone during these difficult times, especially the bereaved.

“People who had previously been on their own after losing loved ones have been sharing stories, exchanging numbers and offering to help each other while learning to make beautiful art together.”

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