Kavanagh and Coates supports parents with free toy donations

Kavanagh and Coates Funeral Services filled its Heywood branch with games and toys donated by the community after appealing for Christmas presents for less fortunate children.

The funeral home opened its doors to around 150 families over two days, who were able to take anything they liked for their children from the hundreds of gifts.

Frank Coates, funeral director of Kavanagh and Coates Funeral Services, said: “The parents and children were overwhelmingly grateful for their presents.

“For some children, this is sadly the only opportunity they’ll have to receive presents all year.”

The appeal was started by Martyn Allen, owner of Shaw’s Opticians in Heywood, three years ago. However, without large enough premises to contain all the donations, he reached out to Coates, who offered the upstairs of Kavanagh and Coates Funeral Services as the venue.

Coates added: “Kavanagh and Coates has become known for collecting food and clothing for many charities in Heywood, so when appealing to locals for toys and games, many were already onboard.”

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