T W Boorman Funeral Services run hair salon to support mental health

Tunbridge Wells funeral arrangers, T W Boorman ran a pop-up hairdresser’s at a local mental health sanctuary, giving free haircuts to help “improve mental wellbeing across Kent.”

Samantha Wasmuth and Tansy Smith from T W Boorman Funeral Services were armed with curling tongs, shampoo and scissors to pamper those visiting Mental Health Resource.

Wasmuth said: “Those walking through the door at Mental Health Resource may not have a great deal to buy essential things like food and pay bills, yet alone paying for haircuts.

“They were completely surprised and overwhelmed that we could give them fresh hairstyles free of charge.”

Mental Health Resource asked T W Boorman how it could help their initiative after Wasmuth and Smith advertised in the Tunbridge Wells funeral home promoting the charity for Mental Health Awareness Month.

The pair met with Jenny Williams, fundraising manager at Mental Health Resource, and with Smith’s past experience as a fully-trained hairdresser, suggested a pop-up hair salon.

Wasmuth and Smith gave ten haircuts while playing Christmas tunes and handing out tea and cakes baked by Debbs Straeche, funeral service operative at T W Boorman.

Williams said: “Sam and Tansy did a fantastic job making people feel really welcome in our charity with their pop-up hair salon, and our clients loved their new haircuts.”

The funeral arrangers plan to return with their pop-up hair salon within the next couple of months, with the satisfied customers already signed up for another trim.

William’s added: “Mental Health Resource provides person-centred support to help people in our community improve their mental wellbeing. 

“The support we receive from local organisations and businesses like T W Boorman is invaluable to our work in ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and encouraging people to seek help.

“It’s gestures like Sam and Tansy’s that really make our clients feel part of the wider community.”

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