Hampshire crematoria donate £10,000 to local hospital unit

The money will go towards the Respiratory Care Fund at University Hospital Southampton which conducts vital research into sarcoidosis

Two crematoria in Hampshire have donated £10,000 to the Respiratory Care Fund at University Hospital Southampton, which conducts research into sarcoidosis.

Money was fundraised through the metal cycling scheme at Test Valley and Wessex Vale Crematoria, which are operated by the Westerleigh Group.

Metals recovered during cremation are recycled and, every year, any money raised at each of the group’s 35 facilities nationwide is used to support local charities.

Jeneen Thomsen, joint interim director at Southampton Hospitals Charity, said: “We’re so grateful to Test Valley and Wessex Vale Crematoria for their generous donation to our Respiratory Care Fund.

“It’s only through the vital support from our community that we’re able to enhance the care for our staff and patients, and this donation will go a long way in doing just that. We’re incredibly appreciative.”

Lisa Johnson, the Wessex Vale site manager, said: “I am very grateful for all the support that was given to a member of my family who had suffered from sarcoidosis, and I hope that this money will help go towards others who are affected by this condition.”

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