John Knowles Funeral Services launches Christmas appeal

John Knowles Funeral Services has launched a ‘Socks n Chocs’ Christmas appeal in a bid to “spread some festive joy”, according to local paper The Leader

The charity event follows the “huge success” of the Wrexham-based business’ Easter campaign.

John Knowles Funeral Services’ staff are now launching the ‘Socks n Chocs appeal’, asking for donations of chocolates and socks from local residents.

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The donations will then be distributed to charities including SHARE, HFT and WHAG.

A spokesman told The Leader: “This year’s charities are in desperate need of our help, this year more than ever due to so many restrictions in place.

“All we are asking is can you spare a bar (or a box) of chocolates and/or a pair of socks. These will then be distributed to the charities listed on the poster who are most grateful for your help.”

They added: “If you would like to help support us please email us at we can email you a poster to print. All donations may be handed in to the branches listed.”

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