Douch Family Funeral Directors welcomes new sector transparency laws

The news follows a report by the Competitions and Markets Authority’s (CMA) that led to a number of ‘sunlight remedies’ that will shortly be coming into effect

Douch Family Funeral Directors has welcomed new laws and recommendations that will make the sector more transparent.

The news follows a report by the Competitions and Markets Authority’s (CMA) that led to a number of “sunlight remedies” that will shortly be coming into effect.

In the aftermath of the report, starting September 16 2021, funeral directors will be required to publish a price list on their websites and on their premises. Details must include the headline price of a funeral, a breakdown of the elements that make up that sum, and the cost of any additional products and services.

Furthermore, as of June 17 2021, funeral directors will no longer be allowed to pay hospitals, care services, hospices or care homes in order to receive referrals and neither are they allowed to solicit for business through coroners or the police.

Nick Douch, managing director, Douch Family Funeral Directors, said: “This is extremely welcome news and is something that we’ve been calling for. We already comply with the majority of these new laws and recommendations because we believe transparency is important. We have been openly advertising our prices on our website since 2014.

Crematoria will also have to provide specified price information to funeral directors and families.The CMA report is simple and clear and as long as the rules are enforced it will mean families can book funerals with much more confidence.”

Martin Coleman, panel inquiry chair, CMA, added “As a result of CMA action, funeral providers must ensure that prices and services on offer are clear upfront, so that people can more easily make the choices that are right for them.

“We urge funeral directors and crematorium operators to start making these changes now. We will be keeping a close eye on the sector and stand ready to take action if firms don’t follow the rules.”

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