Hero pilot opens Ilkeston funeral home

A former pilot who managed to safely bring down a plane during a storm that saw it bounce off the runway has opened a funeral home in Ilkeston after switching careers.

As reported by BBC News, despite his heroic actions William Barron lost his job as a pilot earlier this year due to the impact of the coronavirus on the airline industry. However, instead of searching for a similar role he decided to turn his hand to the funeral industry opening a Bespoke Funerals Care branch in Ilkeston last month. 

The funeral home was opened following a refurbishment to a unit located on Brussels Terrace, Ilkeston.

Barron’s first experience in the funeral industry began as a pallbearer back in Ireland over 20 years ago. 

Speaking to the BBC he said: “I was always interested in the ceremonial side of funerals, the uniforms, the dignity and the respect that’s present. But I never imagined I would be switching from flight decks to funerals after 14 years of being a pilot.

“It’s quite a shock but within… the new normal in the UK, I think there are quite a few people in my position. “We’ve had to readjust and re-skill as the economy and society change.”


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