Dead Happy reveals ‘funniest’ funeral home names

Life insurance company Dead Happy has revealed the list of the “funniest” funeral home names around the world.

According to ONS figures, the upcoming month of March is the most fatal period of the entire year, with more deaths worldwide in the third calendar month than at any other time and the insurance company compiled the list of the funeral homes “which have a sense of humour”.

The list features funeral homes named ‘Amigone Funeral Home’ in Western New York, Chicago-based ‘Slaughter and Son’ and North East-based ‘Go As You Can’.

Other funeral homes on the list included Minnesota-based ‘Cease Funerals’, ‘Resurrection Funeral Home’ in Michigan alongside ‘Downer Funeral Home’ in Connecticut. 

Finishing the list was Chicago-based ‘Hollerbach Funeral Home’, and the ‘Bruce and Stiff Funeral Home’ in Virginia.

According to the insurance company, the funeral home with the “most unfortunate, and funny name” was South Australia-based ‘Minge Funerals.’

The name comes after Sally Harrington and her husband Scott took over Minge Funerals from Claude and Elizabeth Minge and decided the Minge “brand and values were too important to change”.

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