Daren Persson Funeral Services teaches first aid training to children

Daren Persson Funeral Services has been teaching children from North Tyneside lifestyle skills.

The funeral business organised first aid training courses for children in their Wallsend branch. An emergency first responder taught 16 children how to perform CPR on dolls, dress injuries and practice the Heimlich manoeuvre with anti- choking vests in preparation for life-threatening emergencies.

Suzanne Bremner, regional administrator of Daren Persson Funeral Services, said: “We feel this is such an important life lesson for children which also builds confidence. It was amazing to see how much the children knew and how they interacted with everything without fear.”

Daren Persson Funeral Services supports the British Heart Foundation by inviting funeral guests and families to donate to the organisation in lieu of flowers. Which “inspired them to raise awareness of how vital first aid is while children wait for emergency services.”

Bremner added: “We’re very much involved with the community and always look at ways to include our younger adults and schoolchildren.Enabling children to recognise and understand what they can do in emergency situations can make a huge difference, especially for single parents and small households.”

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