Albert Marsh appoints new manager

Albert Marsh Funeral Directors has appointed Jon Rust as manager of two branches in Upton and Wareham.

Rust has been in the industry for over 20 years, and will oversee the directors technology changes.

The branches are part of Dorset’s Douch Family Funeral Directors and have a long history in the area, Albert Marsh joined Douch in 1999 after the first directors opened in 1835.

Rust said: “I am delighted to join what I know is an excellent company, which does things the right way and for the right reasons. I am getting to know the people of Wareham and Upton and understand that there is still a high demand for traditional funerals.

“I joined the industry 21 years ago after I lost my daughter at seven months. At the time I was a lorry driver and shortly afterwards I was made redundant so I joined the funeral director who dealt with my daughter’s funeral and he trained me.”

Jonathan Stretch, group director, added: “Jon was the perfect choice for this role.He understands the requirements of this old and traditional business while embracing everything else we have to offer, such as our award-winning funeral plan.

“That Jon and his wife have set up a charity to help families who have lost a child shows that his heart is very much in understanding and helping the bereaved.”

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