A.W Lymn appoint first non family director

A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service, has announced the appointment of Pete Clarson, its first non family director.

Clarson will take up the role on the board, and will work alongside five other directors on the board.

Now operating 27 funeral homes with a stonemasons and floristry department, the company is still owned and managed by the Lymn Rose family.

Nigel Lymn Rose, chairman, A.W Lymn said: “We are delighted that Pete has been nominated and accepted an appointment as the first none family director of our family company.

“Our ethos has always been that if we ‘get the service we provide right’ then the success of the business will follow. Pete clearly buys into this and we look forward to him building his career within the company.”

Clarson added: “I feel privileged to be taking on the role of director at A.W. Lymn.”

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