Let’s Get Healthy helps Co-op workers to support bereaved customers

Corporate health and well-being provider, Let’s Get Healthy, has announced a new ‘Heart’ campaign for Co-op’s customer service centre, which aims to improve their performance and personal resilience when helping bereaved clients.

The department headed up by Claire Carroll, is aiming to acknowledge the pressure caused by the complex role her team perform each day, the 12-week campaign was piloted in November 2018 and is now being rolled out across the whole team.

The campaign includes a briefing session with senior managers, a full set of communications to ensure the teams feel fully empowered to talk about death, bereavement, and grief. A one-day face to face training day and a seven-week plan of activity, led by team leaders and operations managers, is then carried out to embed what has been learned.

Claire Carroll, head of sales and services at Co-op, said: “We held sessions with our colleagues, and they shared with me their personal experiences of losing a loved one and supporting customers who experienced a similar loss. The language used in the training has made it easier for us all to talk about death and how we deal with it. Heart has helped my team be brave hearted and resilient when dealing with customers who may be broken hearted.

“We have great people working for us and our partners are no exception. We needed an organisation to listen and understand our very unique challenges and deliver a tailored solution. This is the third year we have worked with the team at Let’s Get Healthy and we have seen huge benefits year on year.”

Maria Bourke, managing director of Let’s Get Healthy, added: “Dealing with personal loss is complex for the customers and the employees supporting them. Every single detail of the training and campaign had to be meticulously thought through.

“There are huge numbers of employees supporting customers who have recently lost a family member whether they work in a funeral home, emergency services or the care industry. It’s great to partner with Co-op who recognises the potential strain on these wonderful colleagues who at times experience very difficult, complex situations.

“Heart is about being brave-hearted, resilient and helping adults through the stages of bereavement while being mindful that employees will have lost loved ones too.”

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