Essex company launches eco-friendly coffins

An Essex coffin company has launched a series of eco-friendly coffins that do not contain metal or plastic.

The Brentwood-based business said the coffins can help those “wishing to contribute to reducing climate change after they’re gone” with its new Eclipse range of coffins, which were inspired by “continuing pressure on us all to step up and do our bit”.

Director Ian Page said: “We believe our coffins are the most eco-friendly on the market, in fact, none of our products contain metal or plastic, each coffin has been manufactured by craftsmen, using wooden pegs and dowels to bind the construction very firmly together.”

He added: “Although conservation is at the heart of our coffins, we haven’t neglected the aesthetics. Each coffin has been beautifully designed and skillfully woven using either rattan or seagrass, both obtained from fully sustainable sources, mango wood, available from trees that can no longer produce fruit, is used to line and strengthen each coffin and finally they are lined with soft organic cotton.”

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