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A.W. Lymn signs pact to help ex-service people find work

Neil Reeves, funeral director, said it is ‘very important’ that it makes sure ex-service people are welcomed into the firm’s team as any other new starter would be

Funeral director A.W. Lymn has signed a pact with the Armed Forces to support ex-service men and women in finding work.

The agreement states that a business will do all it can to ensure ex-military people do not face discrimination.

Neil Reeves, funeral director at A.W. Lymn’s Derwent House funeral home is championing the pact for the business.

According to the firm, Reeves served in the Royal Navy for 18 years from 1983-2001 when he entered the funeral profession, having in that time travelled the world serving in the Gulf, Northern Ireland and the Falklands.

Reeves said: “I know first-hand how much of a culture shock it can be when a person leaves the armed forces, no matter what role or rank. My time in the Royal Navy gave me some of the most memorable and challenging experiences of my life and really made me who am I today, but transitioning from life on a ship to the working world was a big change.

“I feel very lucky to have had such a grounding experience serving my country because it prepared me perfectly for the role I do today. I think it is very important that we as a business extend this respect to those we recruit and make sure that ex-service people are welcomed into our teams as any other new starter would be.”

He added: “A military background is a benefit in our line of work, and we’d like to encourage those considering what to do after leaving the Armed Forces to think about the opportunities offered in our profession.”

Matthew Lymn Rose, managing director at A.W. Lymn, said: “We’re honoured to be signing the Armed Forces Covenant and publicly demonstrating our support for the brave and courageous service men and women who selflessly serve our country.”

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