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Woollensbrook Crematorium donates over £16k to charity

The Royal British Legion has received £1,261.29 while the other three charities have each been given £5,000

The Woollensbrook Cemetery and Crematorium has donated over £16k altogether to four local charities in Hertfordshire, including Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, Broxbourne Foodbank, The Animal Rescue Charity and the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

The money was raised through the crematorium’s metal recycling scheme, and The Royal British Legion has received £1,261.29 while the other three charities have each been given £5,000.

Woollensbrook Cemetery and Crematorium is part of Westerleigh Group, and each crematorium within the group operates a metal recycling scheme. As part of the scheme, metals recovered during cremation are recycled, with the consent of families, and any funds raised doing this are used to support local charities and organisations.

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, based in Hoddesdon, provides social, emotional and physical support to people aged between 13 and 24 who are fighting cancer. The organisation arranges activities, residential stays and offers opportunities to help cancer sufferers rebuild their lives and learn to live with their diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Broxbourne Foodbank has reportedly seen an increased demand for its services due to the impact of the pandemic, and Woollensbrook Crematorium said its donation will make a “significant contribution to the vital support they can provide to local families”.

Additionally, Martin Langdon, site manager at the crematorium, said The Animal Rescue Charity was chosen to receive a donation as the team at Woollensbrook are “passionate” about animals. 

The Royal British Legion was also selected in memory of the individual who has provided the crematorium with poppies to raise money for the charity since its launch in 2017 as he recently passed away.

Langdon said: “It gives us tremendous pleasure to be able to support organisations like these, which make such a positive contribution to our local community.

“There has been a spate of people abandoning animals since having to return to work post-pandemic, and charities like this are in deep need of assistance more than ever in order to help them.”

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