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Why it’s more important than ever to embrace digital disruption to keep your customers engaged

With COVID-19 causing national lockdown, it’s even more important for you to be easily accessible online. Even under normal circumstances, understanding and adapting to customer trends is a key way of keeping your business a step ahead. Just because you still have customers who do things traditionally, doesn’t mean they will continue to do so, even in the short term. 

Make it easy for your families to find you 

Malcolm Flanders, Director of Emerging Market Insight for Golden Charter, advises it’s vital for Independents to make their business easily available online. ‘A website is essential, and you should have a social media presence in your community too. It is an easy way to let people in your area know you are still there for them to answer any questions or if they need to use your services.’ 

Golden Charter also created localfuneral.co.uk to help Independents have even more presence in the digital space. It is absolutely free to join, so if you’re not already listed click here to sign up. 

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What happens if you choose not to embrace this change? 

Blockbuster Video knew people were starting to go online to stream movies, but instead of tapping into the online market they continued to put their efforts into their stores, leaving them wide open to being taken over by streaming giant Netflix. This is a valuable lesson in what can happen if you don’t adapt quickly to customer needs. They will simply go elsewhere. 

Even in this situation where non-essential businesses are forced to close physical stores and offices, brands like Primark will suffer the consequences of not having the ability for customers to purchase their clothing and goods online. 

It’s important to remember that customers value ease and convenience as much as service. Especially during this time where people have been directed to stay at home and now have to engage with friends, family and businesses digitally. 

Make sure you don’t get left behind 

Golden Charter has a specialist team dedicated to helping you engage with your community online and to support your business through this challenging time. To find out more, contact your Golden Charter business manager today. If you are not already benefitting from working with Golden Charter, call us on 0141 931 6310. 

Keep up to date with the latest updates and information 

Join Malcom’s all-new community groups to get all the latest updates and information on how Golden Charter can support you and your business. Choose Facebook or LinkedIn, or join both. We welcome all funeral director staff to join us online. To join the group, email socialgroups@goldencharter.co.uk 

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