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Funeral company fined for dumping waste

A funeral company has been fined for dumping potentially toxic waste, claiming it was for a bonfire.

Muslim Funeral Services Limited, based in Bradford, was fined £3,000 by Bradford Magistrates.

A police offer saw staff from the company disposing of waste on land near Church Street, Manningham, in October 2016.

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The waste items included wooden pallets but also polystyrene and plastic, which give off toxic fumes when burnt. The men disposing of the waste said they had permission to do so as it would be burned on a bonfire at a later date.

It was later found out in an investigation by Bradford Council officers that the landowner had not given any permission for the waste to be on site or to be burned in a bonfire.

The Birmingham-based company pleaded guilty to two charges and was told to pay £875 costs and £170 victim surcharge.

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