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Funeral notice website launched by Dignity

Dignity recently introduced a funeral notices website, as an addition to its service.

The company will be creating individual websites for each of its 800 local funeral directors.

Each website will show local services offered and pricing as well as details of staff and facilities.

In January last year, Dignity committed to the Department for Work and Pensions Minster to put its prices online by January 2019 and this was publicly announced in July 2017.

Simon Cox, head of external affairs at Dignity: “We recognise that our clients are increasingly turning to the internet for help and information with funeral arrangements when a loved one dies. To satisfy our clients’ evolving needs we are committed to making an increasing number of services available online, which is part of our ambition to improve quality and standards across the funeral industry.

“In line with this, we have recently launched an online funeral notice service to allow customers to make and share their funeral arrangements across social media. Our web experts are currently working hard to deliver bespoke websites for our funeral directors, including clearly listing our prices online across the UK.”

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