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Company sees surge in horse requests

Rowland Brothers has experienced a surge in the requests for horse hearses, recently conducting nine in nine days.

It was an unusually high amount in a short time period, but a demand the company was able to meet successfully.

When it comes to horse and carriage funerals, Rowland Brothers work with Heritage Carriage Masters, who provide a coachman who has previously worked with the Queens horses at the Royal Mews, or trained the Duke of Edinburgh horses, this combined experience ensures the highest standard of turn-out maintaining tradition, quality and keeping a keen attention to detail.

The market is changing, and the company believes alternative methods to motor cars hearses are showing an increase in requests in the funerary industry.

Steve Rowland of Rowland Brothers said: “Funeral Directors need to be at the forefront of any changing requests in order to deliver the best they can, ensuring they can offer a more tailored and fine-tuned service as requested.”

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