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Pet crematorium fraudster left beloved pets in field

A fraudster, who managed to take thousands of pounds from grieving pet owners, has been ordered to pay back over £75,000.

Derbyshire-based Emma Bent took money from grieving owners to provide a proper cremation, but instead left their bodies to rot in a field.

Bent was previously jailed in 2009 when the bodies of several dogs were found in a field, reports the Mirror.

Her business, Peak Pet Cremation, promised a dignified send off but instead pets were found in a field, in bin bags in a shed or simply burnt on bonfires.

She allegedly sent remains from a bonfire to owners, claiming it was their pets’ ashes.

Bent now has just three months to pay the £75,806.41 or face another jail term.

Sentencing her, Judge Shant QC said: “You are, or certainly have been in the past, a thoroughly dishonest young woman.

“For a long period of time you obtained benefits that you were not entitled to.”


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