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Give way to The Plume

Created as a respectful marker for cars that are part of the funeral procession, The Plume gives the cortège a traditional but modern look. The company is family run and provides unique Ostrich feather plumes in order to make sure every vehicle is recognised as part of the funeral party.

Mr Robin Watson, sales and marketing director, explains: “The general public has forgotten how to behave when they come across a funeral. I went to a meeting last week and as I came out I saw a hearse cross a main road from one side street to go straight across into another. Cars approaching from both directions gave way to the three official cars, but as the rest of the family and friends’ cars started to cross, it was obvious that the waiting traffic was beginning to get impatient. I have to give credit to two particular drivers, who waited until every car had gone across, despite continuous blasts from the horns of cars waiting behind them. The problem was that other than a couple of cars who saw the hearse cross, nobody else knew that this was a funeral procession. Had this funeral director joined us at The Plume, the impatient cars would know why they were waiting.

“On the roads emergency vehicles have blue lights, all vehicles must have regulation lights, but there is nothing to let the public know a funeral is in procession. We felt The Plume would be a good way to signify that this event was important, and which vehicles were involved. We wanted to extend and modernise the tradition of having plumes on horses, to cars. If there are twenty cars in the procession then all can be given The Plume and be included.

“Funeral directors who already use them have told us that their cortége has been uninterrupted whenusing The Plume. In the past, people would cut in line, and fail to give way as they aren’t aware, or don’t care. When there is an orderly line with every vehicle in the same fashion people tend to not interrupt them. It also helps to deal with the safety problem that funeral directors and families face.”

The Plume contains high quality ostrich feathers that are specially imported from South Africa. Although black is the most popular choice for funerals, a variety of colour schemes are available given enough notice. They can be used to match a loved one’s favourite team or provide a brighter way to celebrate the life of a child. There are two different versions of The Plume with two separate bases, shaped like a vase with either a strong rubber magnetic base, or a strong suction cup. To help protect the vehicle and paintwork, a velvet cloth is placed on top of the vehicle and then the magnetic Plume is placed onto it, the suction cup sticks directly to the roof. They have also been tested to remain on up to 40mph.

The Plume is different to other signs as it stands out and can be personalised. Funerals are changing to become more of a celebration of life rather than a solemn event. This is where The Plume can help, providing the deceased’s favourite colour or sporting team’s theme etc, it gives a warmer touch to the occasion. It adds a new dynamic for families, for their loved one’s funeral, giving a traditional idea a modern twist.
Working with funeral directors, the company can supply enough plumes for every vehicle in the cortége not just the hearse and official cars. It also offers a unique collection service so you don’t have to worry about people driving away with The Plume. “We have two brand messages, one is ‘celebrate a life with a plume’ and one is ‘keeping the cortége together.’”

Robin continued: “It gives funeral  directors the peace of mind that they will be able to maintain a line of vehicles and they can add value to service they are providing for their families. We have found that most families can only afford two limousines, however The Plume can make sure every vehicle is included in the cortége.”

Telephone: 0121 456 1722, 07545073944

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