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‘First digital tombstones’ launched

A firm has launched a new digital tombstone that has a 48-inch interactive screen, showing pictures, video and other digital content.

A prototype of the weather-proof and vandal-proof digital tombstone has been created by a firm in Slovenia and placed at the Pobrezje cemetery.

The tombstone displays the name and dates of birth and death until the sensors are activated. After a few moments of standing in from of the memorial, the interactive screen plays the chosen digital content.

“This tombstone makes it possible to put anything next to the deceased person’s name and surname, you can write an entire novel if you like. You can put pictures or a film there,” said Saso Radovanovic, head of the company Bioenergija which sells the tombstones, reports Reuters.

“The tombstone has a sensor so that when nobody is around it only shows the person’s name and the years of their birth and death…This saves energy and the screen itself, and helps extend the tombstone’s lifetime.”

Developed by Milan Zorman, a professor of computing at the University of Maribor, has said that they are already working on a special smartphone application which will further increase the tombstone’s interactivity.

“We intend to bring the sound to earphones connected to a mobile phone running the app. That way visitors would be able to listen to videos displayed on the screen,” said Prof Zorman, adding that speakers would be too loud for the cemetery.

The cemetery claims the 48-inch screen version it put up is the first digital tombstone in the world.

Mr Radovanovic said they already some orders for the product which costs €3,000.

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