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Teen gangs graffiti headstones and take selfies for social media

A large group of teens have been causing disorder, tagging headstones with graffiti and taking ‘disrespectful’ selfies, according to a new report.

Linthorpe cemetery has been a hub for disorderly behaviour, with regular evidence of drug and alcohol taking.

Trinkets have also been taking from gravestones, as well as the headstones themselves being damaged.

A Middlesbrough Council report found that some plastic bins were found to be burnt with fires also being set. Stone throwing and cars wheel-spinning have also caused upset.

A consultation has been launched in order to cover cemeteries and crematoria within the borough. It’s hoped that the crackdown of having a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in place will prevent further problems.

Other cemeteries have also experienced problems, with hypodermic needles being found at North Ormesby and St Joseph’s cemetery.

Flowers and trinkets have also been stolen from Acklam Cemetery and Crematorium, alongside drug and anti-social disorder.

The order will come into operation on 31 March and will remain in place for three years.

A Fixed Penalty Notice will be given to those who don’t comply with the order.


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