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Natwest funding secured for Memoria


Crematorium operator, Memoria Ltd, has secured £20m of support from NatWest to fund its expansion programme.

The company currently operates eight crematoria across England and Wales; from Cardiff and Glamorgan in the west, to Waveney, Suffolk, in the east.

Chairman and finance director, Michael Hackney, said: “Our aim is to provide exceptional standards of service and modern community facilities for bereaved families – the least they deserve at such a stressful time. In some areas, families can wait for as long as four weeks for a funeral service, a problem we are seeking to address with our active programme of new-build crematoria across the country.”

Howard Hodgson added: “This funding package from NatWest is helping us to expand our state-of-the-art facilities to cover every region of the UK. Not only will we well serve the traditional funeral market; but also our low-cost direct cremation business, which has grown dramatically in the last 12 months to represent over 12% of our business so far in 2017.”

Gary Johnson, relationship director at NatWest, Milton Keynes, commented: “Memoria Ltd is a growing company, offering an important service to local communities across England and Wales. We have provided funding to get a number of its facilities up and running and are proud to support a business which places such an emphasis on care and quality for its customers.”

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