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Fight at funeral forces Minister to step in

A Minister was forced to step in when a fight broke out at a funeral in Limavady.

District Judge Liam McNally said the fight ‘takes the complete biscuit’ after Rhona Clements, of Limavady, admitted assaulting another woman during a service.

The court was told that on 11 April 2016, the injured party was attending her brother-in-laws funeral, reports Belfast Live.

An altercation broke out within the funeral home and Clements took off her coat and lunged to attack the woman.

Thankfully, other mourners and the Minister managed to break apart the fight and stopped it from escalating.

The Minister spoke to everyone about the sanctity and delicate nature of the occasion and setting.

As the funeral moved to the cemetery the court heard that Clements approached the woman and her husband in order to speak to them.

This was agreed upon and then Clements punched the other woman in the face, grabbed her hair and attempted to pull her to the ground.

Damage was caused to ornaments placed by other graves.

Judge McNally told Clements he would take into account her clear record and bound over her for two years in the sum of £500 and ordered her to pay £250 compensation to the injured party.

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