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NFFD announce member of the year

Paul Kane of Kane Funeral Services has been awarded this year’s NFFD member of the year award.

Paul, who was an army captain for 18 , used his experience and expertise to build his business. Over the last six years he has created ten funeral homes, as well as offering repatriation services, satellite support networks and national funeral arranging coverage.

William Eccleston of the NFFD said: “Each year, the NFFD look to the industry and, in particular, our members for inspiration and to understand more about how families in the UK need their funeral directors to conduct themselves.

“Paul has shown that doing things well does not mean they have to be unaffordable. Offering low-cost/high quality services personifies everything that the NFFD stands for and having

Paul as our member of the year will act as a constant reminder to the rest of the industry that families should come first.

“In addition to his own funeral business, Paul has begun to franchise across the UK in order to ensure that families get the same service, regardless of location.

“We take this opportunity also to thank the rest of the funeral industry for ensuring that we remain motivated and focused on our goals for the benefit of the families we serve.”

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