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New memorial garden for children opened

A new memorial garden was opened early this week to remember babies and infant.

The garden, based in Southampton, was started two and a half years ago when Cheryl and Stuart Keal wanted a better place to visit their daughter, and for others to visit their babies.

Daisy, one of two twins, sadly passed away at 18 weeks gestation.

The couple began raising money for the baby and infant area as they felt it wasn’t very well marked or welcoming. Previously, it had just been a few trees with little description and it wasn’t somewhere families could spend time.

Cheryl began raising money and made a plan with the staff at the crematorium. They set a goal of £8000, of which they raised over £4000 of.

Southampton SANDs donated the other £4000 and became involved in the creative meetings, the planning and figuring out what the money would be used for.

Then after six months of talks and hard work the Daisy garden was opened on Monday 29th.

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